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Students Bring the Ability, We Provide the Opportunity

From its modest roots as a new vocational education group, ORT first began helping Russian Jews out of poverty back in 1880. Who could possibly imagine the skills that would be needed to succeed today, in the workplace of the 2020s?

To provide these skills, ORT has built upon its job-training for employability origins to offer a full technology-rich education for thousands of young people in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the world. And much like the Jews of 1880, many are from disadvantaged backgrounds or resource-poor communities.

Today’s schoolchildren will face a life of dizzying change. To make sure they are prepared, ORT is constantly working to update and improve the educational experience we provide, develop teacher skills and nurture potential leaders throughout our network.

ORT students have the opportunity to excel in projects including socially responsible entrepreneurship, innovation and product development — which complement our strong foundation in STEM — science, technology, engineering and math. The programs prepare them for careers in developing industries.

ORT’s goal is to bridge the gap between ability and opportunity, and to fulfil this goal we constantly strive to meet our students’ fast-changing needs — providing vital resources and experiences they might otherwise never get to enjoy.

Our Pillars