Our Pillars | Jewish Experience

Ensuring Jewish continuity by enriching Jewish education, identity and appreciation of Jewish tradition, values and culture.

ORT schools are the primary source of Jewish affiliation for many students and their families – providing a direct connection to our religion, history and culture.

Through hands-on classroom experiences, family activities and virtual get-togethers, even the youngest ORT students gain an understanding of their deep Jewish roots. Non-Jewish students at ORT schools also benefit by gaining an appreciation for Jewish practice and values, creating an atmosphere for future understanding and tolerance.

ORT provides the framework and the tools, as young people enjoy the rituals and learn the story behind Passover, Chanukah and the High Holy Days — as well as many other festive and meaningful observances, such as Lag B’Omer.

ORT leaders, educators and supporters are well aware of both the responsibilities and opportunities to bring the world’s young Jewish people together — with each other and with their heritage.

Our Pillars