Escola ORT – the ORT school in Rio de Janeiro – is ranked as one of the best institutions in the city, and across all of Brazil.

Escola ORT is renowned for its specialized and comprehensive programs in the fields of science and mathematics, offering professional and in-depth curriculum. It provides students with a head start in fields attractive to today’s employers, in an environment where they are able to explore their love of Judaism.

ORT became active in Brazil during the Second World War, offering vocational training to Jewish refugees in Rio and Sao Paulo. In 1945, it established a school in Rio which provided Jewish education and vocational training in fields such as television, electronics, chemistry, business administration and data processing.

In the 1960s courses in electronics were also offered. In 1968 a new building was acquired, and the school was renamed “ORT Technology Institute”. In 1992, the ORT Institute was the first school to offer a specialisation in biotechnology.

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Students from Escola ORT in Rio de Janeiro explain their Harmatz Award project

  • “I believe that while I was studying at ORT, I discovered my passion for science. I had the opportunity to make experiments, hands-on activities and this is how I discovered I liked science.”

    Camila, ORT Brazil biology teacher who was a student at ORT Brazil in 1998. After graduating from ORT, she went to university to study a Master’s degree and a PhD in biology.