Suggested Student and Teacher Resources for School Closures

Creating lessons for distance learning

Useful Learning Resources

  • Khan Academy provides special advice for closed schools.
  • Brain Pop has over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12, together with quizzes and related materials.
  • Purple Mash is a great resource covering all areas of elementary school curriculum. Temporarily offered free for any schools that are closed.
  • Aleph Beta provides a library of stimulating animations based on Jewish texts, history, philosophy. Many with lesson plans.
  • Century learning is a learning platform underpinned by the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience.
  • is a repository of free Science lesson plans in many languages.
  • Google’s  Teacher Resource Center brings together a wide range of categorised teaching resources.
  • Amazing Educational resources is a huge list of hundreds of school resources that are currently free for schools closed due to the virus.
  • Mathigon is a rich interactive mathematics textbook covering basic and advanced mathematical concepts.
  • Virtual tours in World famous museums from Google Arts and Culture
  • FSU resource website for STEM in Russian.
  • All the resources students need to start or brush up on programming and computational thinking from


We’ve created learning resources including stand-alone lessons and quizzes that you can use on or around ORT Day.