Global Briefing on Ukraine

Get an inside look at

  • How the situation in Ukraine is affecting ORT students and schools
  • The global ORT community’s support that is making a difference on the ground
  • ORT’s focus on addressing mental health needs


Dan Green, World ORT, Director General & CEO

Dan was appointed as ORT’s Director General and CEO in 2020, having previously been Chief Operating Officer since 2016. He is responsible for representing the organization internationally and for leading its professional staff and strategic direction from its London headquarters, ORT House. Dan joined the ORT family in 2012 as CEO of ORT UK, where he was responsible for raising funds for ORT projects around the world.

Shoshana Kandel, World ORT, Head of International Coordination Unit

Shoshana is an alumna of ORT Jewish school in Tallinn, Estonia. She has been with World ORT since 2015 and is responsible for overseeing regional project initiatives and coordinating communication and information exchange between World ORT, fundraising and ORT operational countries. Shoshana is also working on developing ORT Alumni Network.

Daniel Tysman, World ORT, Head of the Education Department

Daniel is responsible for developing international programs for the World ORT network. This includes managing professional development programs for STEM educators and school leaders, and enrichment programs for students including summer schools, collaborative learning projects, competitions, and awards.

Maryna Zavgorodnya, Vice Principal of ORT Educational complex #141, Kyiv

Maryna has a PhD in clinical psychology. For the past five years she has been Vice Principal of ORT Educational complex #141, Kyiv. Her main responsibility was implementing inclusive education and creating a system of support for families of children with special education needs. For the past two months, she was taking part in organizing a psychological support program for participants in the educational process of the ORT network of Ukrainian schools.


Moderated by, Barbara Birch, ORT America President & CEO


  • DateJune 9, 2022 - June 9, 2022
  • Time5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • VenueZoom