Impact Through Leadership

Featuring a series of podcasts on leadership with René Carayol MBE.

René Carayol MBE is a world-leading inspirational speaker, executive coach and leadership expert. He has worked with senior figures in global affairs, from former US President Bill Clinton to the CEOs of blue-chip businesses. Rene’s book SPIKE is critically acclaimed for its thoughts on personal and business development.

As an expert commentator and presenter on the BBC, René’s reputation has grown. He tasks himself with getting to know the culture of businesses and providing answers and solutions no matter how big or small the problems.

His messages are practical, real life experiences delivered with electrifying effect. He both shakes up and inspires his audiences by showing them not only what lies within their grasp, but how true collaboration makes everyone stronger.


  • ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values. We are passionate about unleashing the potential of young people so they can lead fulfilling lives and have a positive impact on the world around them.
  • We believe that education doesn’t simply stop at the end of school but is a lifelong journey of learning.
  • ORT is committed to transforming lives through training and education to strengthen communities worldwide, ensuring that we keep the heartbeat of education alive for generations to come.
  • ORT is committed to developing leaders beyond the classroom as they transition into business and commerce.


ORT ‘Future Leadership’ program has been developed to support alumni, supporters and donors in gaining expertise to become the very best leaders who can meet the challenges of an ever-changing world:

  • A program providing practical insights and learning into what makes great leadership.
  • A series of podcasts with René Carayol MBE, a world-leading leadership guru.
  • A series of monthly online webinars with leading Chairs, CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • Two face-to-face meetings at international gatherings, including a unique visit to the ORT General Assembly, Jerusalem, May 2020 with a dedicated specific seminar for ‘Future Leadership’; and attending the Board of Trustees meeting in October 2020.
  • A deep-rooted introduction to ORT’s activities worldwide and access to the global ORT network.


Key topics covered by the podcast & webinars include:

  • The role of leadership in the 21st century
  • Leadership – born or made?
  • Focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses
  • Nurturing talent through the leadership example
  • The role of authenticity and transparency in leadership
  • Our access to influential business leaders in all market sectors


  • Monthly online meetings (90 min):
    • 27 February 2020, 16:00 GMT
    • 18 March 2020, 16:00 GMT (International ORT Day)
    • 20 April 2020, 16:00 BST
    • 24 June 2020, 16:00 BST
    • 16 September 2020, 16:00 BST
  • May 2020 – Trip to Israel:
    • Face-to-face meeting
    • General Assembly and ORT 140 celebrations
    • ORT site visit
  • October 2020 – Attending a Board of Trustees meeting and an ORT site visit, including a face-to-face meeting with all Future Leadership participants (location TBC)


  • Age 35+
  • Current leader in business
  • Experienced professional with references
  • A demonstrated commitment to both Jewish and ORT values
  • A visionary, intuitive, curious and creative
  • Recommended by an ORT leader


After completing the program, we would expect you to put your newly acquired ORT Future Leadership skills into practice, in the following ways:

  • Become a lay leader for your ORT organization or for World ORT
  • Get involved in local/international ORT meetings, events and access ORT’s global network of leaders and professionals
  • Help raise funds and support ORT on a local or international level


Applicants will only be accepted via a recommendation (see below for recommendation and application forms)

Subsidized cost of the program is $1800 (Participants will also cover their travel costs and ground costs for the two day face-to-face meetings).

For more information contact Avital Govrin, Chief Relationship Officer – [email protected]

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  • ‘If you are a leader, do everything you can to grow yourself and create the right environment for others to grow’

    John C. Maxwell, American Author, Coach & Speaker