Robotics and workshops for evacuees in Israel


During the past three months of war in Israel, World ORT Kadima Mada has been running activities across the country for those displaced from their homes in the north and south.

Robotics workshops took place in different cities to cultivate social values and foster a heightened awareness of teamwork and cooperation within the context of technological systems. Activities have included those that help students to focus the mind in a fun and meaningful activity. A space to grow in resilience, share experiences, and build a brighter future together.

Robotics activities took place at the Shizaf Kindergarten in Kiryat Yam, at The Royal Plaza Hotel in Tiberias for Kiryat Shmona children and the Yamit school’s first graders from Kiryat Yam, at Kiryat Bialik for 1st-grade students at Neurim School in Kiryat Bialik, the Golomb Community Center in Nahariya as part of the Hanukkah camp, Kiryat Yam, Jerusalem, the absorption center in Tzfat, for evacuees in Ma’alot and in a hotel in Haifa.

Another group of workshops about science, coding, photography, architecture and stop motion took place at different locations, such as in the Golan Heights, for the evacuees, Savionim School in Kiryat Yam, Tiberias and Migdal, Neve School in Dimona, Moshav Elifelt in Upper Galilee, Kfar Silver, the Golan Heights, Haifa and Tirat HaCarmel.