Ben Zimbron Perez

At my school I have more opportunities than those at other schools – and that is an advantage I do not take for granted. What ORT has taught me is to be more competitive and more confident.

I study at Colegio Israelita de México ORT (CIM-ORT). We have a maker space here where we build objects for our projects, and we also have the Adama Lab, where we can grow different edible plants.

We are always encouraged to participate in competitions and the school always supports projects we come up with – we are helped in our efforts to give life to these works.

This year we’ve made soap and two years ago I proposed an experiment for the last day of school called ‘elephant toothpaste’. Me and some friends made the experiment with a teacher and the person who is in charge of the labs.

We are being taught entrepreneurship skills that can be useful in the future, like how to pitch an idea in order to convince an audience. When I graduate, these abilities will be really helpful. What I am learning at school will transfer to the responsibilities of my job.

Every year we have math, English, Spanish, literary circle, and sports classes, as well as subjects that alternate – biology and geography in the first year of middle school, physics and world history in the second, and chemistry and Mexican history in the third.

ORT has helped me understand the importance of respectful competition and how to seize the opportunities on offer. It has also helped me connect with others around the world, including in Cuba and Israel.