Nicole Nissan

The Digital Skills Academy was being advertised at my school’s careers fair – my parents and I thought it was an amazing opportunity because I have always had an interest in photography.

It was my first time attending a summer school but I think what made it feel special was the fact that everyone was from different countries, spoke different languages and came from different backgrounds. But everyone shared the same passion and learning which was amazing as it gave everyone common ground to communicate with each other.

I chose to take part in the photography course and my experience was constant fun and learning. I had the chance to experience what it was like to be in the real world of photography and I had the opportunities to practice skills I would never be able to without attending the DSA. The days were jam-packed and I enjoyed every part of it.

I want to pursue photography in the future and the skills I learnt will be helpful: how to make the most use out of my camera, how to properly edit, and all the technicalities of lighting in a photo.

DSA had a huge impact on my life – I made new friends from around the world and found out about life in other places.

This ORT experience made me more confident and has allowed me to be more outgoing when speaking to new people. And of course I have many new photography skills which I can apply in the future. That will help with other opportunities I may receive. It has also made me feel more confident studying the subject at school.

I think ORT is an amazing organization – it gave me the experience of a lifetime.