Sarifah (Sara) Abdul Kadir

I am a physical education (PE) and art teacher at the Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS). It is the only Jewish school in Singapore and affiliated with the ORT network in 2019. I have been at the school for 10 years.

My main experience with ORT was as a participant on the 2019 World ORT Hatter Technology Seminar in London.

It was amazing to be there as a newcomer learning about maker culture. The programs that were selected for us were suitable for all levels and the trainers were very patient, to the point and gave us hands on experiences to understand the program better.

The seminar was really hands on and interactive, and that made the learning process faster instead of just sitting and listening to the trainers deliver their program. The experience definitely benefited me as a person.

And professionally, too, with this new knowledge I am able to help my school select the right maker culture program that is best suited for our students and teachers.

ORT’s professional team took really good care of us, organizing our accommodation, transport, meals and wellbeing during the whole seminar. I met peers from 10 different countries who were willing to share ideas and they have also given their support since the seminar.

The best advice I could give to those taking part in ORT activities in the future is to come in with a positive mindset and be ready to learn.

For me, being able to say I am an ORT alumni is a sign of success.