Somaya Naif Abu Ghalion

I am a practical civil engineer student and a proud recipient of an ORT scholarship who attended the Beer Sheva College of Technology.

I heard about ORT through my father, who had studied at the same technology college 40 years earlier, but it was solely my decision to attend the same institution. I trust my father’s judgement to study there himself and know that he makes the right decisions, so my decision to study with ORT was an easy one.

The way ORT treats its students makes it stand out from the crowd. The teachers really want the students to succeed, so they provide a comfortable educational environment. ORT has given the gift of an excellent education to so many students who cannot afford educational costs, by gifting scholarships to finance the expense.

ORT has always provided me with a secure learning environment, where I never had to worry about the financial burden of studying, all thanks to the generous scholarship they gifted me. With the worry of funding my education taken off my shoulders, I was able to focus more on my studies and my goal of achieving excellent grades.
Attending ORT has been a wonderful experience start to finish and it is one I will never forget. ORT students are made to feel special and welcomed regardless of their skin color, race, financial situation or where they come from.

ORT has taught me to be generous towards others, to be kind always, and to do my best to help others to succeed. It has positively shaped my ideas and aspirations for my future, because they have constantly guided me onto a road of success with their support.

Becoming an ORT alumni means so much to me, ORT is like a family for students, so I will forever be grateful that they welcomed me into the family and have cared for me so deeply. I will always be very happy and proud to be part of the ORT network.