4th Hatter Technology Seminar


Following the success of previous Hatter Technology Seminars, World ORT is hosting the 4th Hatter Technology Seminar on 21-25 November 2005. The 4th Hatter Technology Seminar focuses on one main issue: Assessing creativity in Technology Education . During this Seminar we would be covering sub-issues such as: Assessing Design Innovation Judgment of Technology competitions Assessment: the tool to make decisions in the teaching and learning processes Assessment of creativity in various subjects and places Formulating consensus regarding assessment standards Assessment Criteria and Gender differentiation in Technology Class The aim of this Seminar is: To share knowledge about the use assessment in technology education in general and in assessing creativity in ORT schools across the globe. To increase the knowledge in assessing methods of the seminar participants and writing a report on assessment in technology education in ORT Schools and by this To increase the awareness for teaching this subject and to foster students design capabilities.