5th Annual ORT Wingate Seminar at ORT House


20 May 2004 The 5th ORT Wingate IT Seminar was this week being hosted by World ORT, with participants including 18 senior educators at ORT schools, centres and affiliated colleges in nine countries. The topic of this years seminar, sponsored by the Harold Hyam Wingate Charitable Foundation, was the use of IT in the teaching of other subjects. The seminar allowed for an exchange of information and ideas by ORT educators who use IT as a tool in their lessons. Wingate delegates visiting the Vauxhall car factory in London Within the framework of the seminar, participants from Israel, the US, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Argentina and Mexico, presented seminars on a wide range of IT-related topics, including ICT in Biology teaching & learning, Technology Growth and Turning Points in the Community Jewish Day School, E-schooling Virtual Spaces and Jewish Music in the Context of Global Music Culture. In addition to the in house sessions, participants visited the Vauxhall Plant where they will be exposed to mechatronics, automation and computer control systems. During the seminar Prof. David Wingate of the Wingate Foundation addressed the group providing a history of the Foundation. Prof. Wingate said that his family had decided to support ORT because of the organisations international remit, and aspirational and inclusive sphere of activity. Participants agreed that the Wingate Seminar had fulfilled their expectations and that they planned to implement new ideas and tools, learnt during the seminar, at their own educational establishments. This was a most interesting week of seminars and workshops, enthused Liucija Kupcinskiene, an English teacher in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Wingate Seminar gave me the opportunity to learn from educators from all over the world. I intend to continue this exchange of information when I return to my country. I was very impressed with the topics presented at the seminar, said Mira Roskis, Principal of ORT Hashomron Junior High School in Israel. I took part to meet and learn from colleagues from other countries and feel that we have all made important connections. I now intend to initiate joint projects with the educators and students in other countries.