Abraham Kahn Z”l


Abraham Kahn, a former president of ORT Mexico and a keen advocate of Colegio Israelita de Mexico’s (CIM-ORT) affiliation to World ORT, has died.

World ORT Honorary President Mauricio Merikanskas paid tribute to his friend’s intelligence and commitment to worthy causes.

“During his business career he became a philanthropist and activist of the community, helping almost every institution but in a very special way. He was a mensch. Although he had sold his business he kept on sponsoring projects and helping people. He will be sorely missed,” he said.

CIM-ORT’s Board Chairman, Marcos Bernstein, and Principal, Avi Meir, expressed condolences on behalf of the school community.

“He was always ready to support school projects with great generosity and charming simplicity.”

Mr Kahn’s father trained as jeweler with ORT and he studied engineering at Southern Methodist University in Texas. On his return to Mexico he worked for RCA Victor before going into banking and then starting his own business leasing televisions to hotels. Eventually, he established a cable television network.

World ORT Director General Shmuel Sisso said: “Abraham Kahn was more than a friend of ORT, he was true member of our international family. His example inspires all of us to do everything we can to ensure ORT’s continued success. On behalf of World ORT I offer his wife, Elena, his children, David and Sandra, and his five grandchildren our deepest condolences.”