Accelerating Change for World Water Day


The combination of World Poetry Day and World Water Day on consecutive days in mid-March provided the opportunity for the latest event in World ORT’s Global Citizenship Education program.

Bringing together students from across the ORT network, the online session saw the sharing of water-themed poems and presentations.

The theme for this year’s World Water Day event was Accelerating Change. Students joined from countries including Peru, Panama, France, Israel, Lithuania, Brazil and South Africa.

The group learned about the largest river basin in the world – the Amazon river – from students in Brazil; heard about water-borne diseases in the form of poetry from students in Peru; and the process of creating tap water in the Ile-de-France region from students at the Ecole de Travail ORT in Paris, France.

The Lithuanian students introduced us to the 22,000 rivers and mineral springs in the country. Students from Colegio Isaac Rabin in Panama City, along with peers from Israel and South Africa, shared with us the struggles of clean water access and solutions such as rainwater harvesting, desalination and the B.O.B barrier introduced to the Matias Hernandez River in Panama to tackle plastic pollution.

Jorge Arditti, architect and founder of the We Are Water Foundation, shared the great work he has been involved in bringing clean water to communities globally. The event took place at the beginning of the week before the UN Water Conference in New York, where global leaders and experts discussed strategies for tackling the water crisis.

This group of ORT students certainly recognised the importance of water to health, society and nature as a whole, as Joshua from Strasbourg put it in his poem: “Water is our friend…so raise our glasses to our lovely earth!”

To tap into our reservoir of resources from the event, including the recording, please click here.