All credit to ORT!


23 August 2009 All credit to ORT! World ORTs supporters in the United States can now actively help it to provide top quality education and training by doing nothing more onerous than going shopping. The new ORT Visa affinity Platinum Rewards credit card enables holders to donate money regularly while spending but at no cost to themselves. Not only is a percentage of spending directed towards ORT projects in dozens of countries but card holders receive a range of attractive benefits. Valerie Khaytina, World ORTs Deputy North American Representative, said: Its also a good, competitive credit card to have. I have one and so, too, do my husband and my father. Daniella Pikman shows off some of the play jewellery which her parents, Valerie Khaytina and Michael Pikman, bought for her with their ORT Visa credit cards.. And, Ms Khaytina added, the card was also a great way to raise awareness of ORT and it mission. When you take this distinctively designed card out of your wallet it prompts others to ask about it and you can then give your elevator pitch about what ORT is and the good it does for people around the world. Featuring World ORTs 130th anniversary logo, the card is available only for American residents but can be used worldwide. In addition to the percentage of each retail purchase going to ORT, a $50 donation is made if the card is activated within 90 days of being approved. But the feel good factor is not the only benefit for card holders. There is no interest to pay on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months and thereafter the interest rate is pegged to 5.9 per cent above the federal prime lending rate (to a minimum of 5.25 per cent). Currently the rate stands at 11.15 per cent. In addition, by using the card at any one of the long list of participating retailers which includes big names such as GAP and Starbucks card holders earn Bonus Rewards which can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, gift cards, travel, event tickets and activities. Card holders also enjoy Visa Platinum benefits including zero liability protection for unauthorised purchases, 24/7 customer service and 24-hour roadside assistance. In the current belt-tightening climate, charitable giving has been hit as people focus their spending on essentials, Ms Khaytina said. The beauty of this ORT Visa card is that people can continue to do that and supplement their philanthropy without further burdening their budgets. And if media reports are right that the recession will bottom out in the coming months then launching this card now may lay the foundation for an increasingly useful additional income in the near future. American residents can apply for the ORT Visa affinity Platinum Rewards credit card by visiting the secure site at . Alternatively, paper applications will be available at selected ORT events or by contacting Ms Khaytina at [email protected] .