Anières Elite Academy Celebrates Tenth Anniversary


World ORT’s Anières Elite Academy program has celebrated its 10th anniversary at a special event in Israel attended by the program’s founder, dignitaries from Technion, students and alumni.

Located in Nahalal, Israel, the Academy prepares talented, aspirational children for their future lives. Giving them an educational curriculum that promotes STEM studies, it identifies and trains Israel’s future generation of science and technology leaders.

Professor Alon Wolf, Vice President of External Relations and Resource Development at Technion, opened the event and introduced Anières Elite Academy visionary and founder Marc Hamon.

The anniversary celebration provided an opportunity to connect the past with the present and future. The original ORT Institute in Anières, Switzerland, from which Mr Harmon graduated, was the inspiration for the current academy. More than 220 of its students joined the event. Mr Harmon’s support will allow the project to continue for years to come.

Other speakers included Jacques Levy, President of the Anières Alumni Association; Robert Singer, Chair of the World ORT Board of Trustees; and Dan Green, World ORT Director General and CEO.

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