Argentina – Students in Need


ORT technical high schools and colleges in Argentina are among the best schools in the country. Of the total Jewish high school population in and around Buenos Aires, 80 percent attend an ORT school. They offer an excellent level of education and grounding in Jewish tradition and values, helping to ensure that Jewish youth remain active and productive members of their community. ORT Argentinas high school students are ranked as the best in the country and 100 percent of graduates are accepted to university. However, they continually turn away students due to lack of space in classrooms and workshops. Please help us to support Jewish students in Argentina. The Noel Werthein Auditorium on Campus Almagro, ORT Argentina ORT Argentinas 1,150 teaching and other staff are dedicated to our educational goals. This team of professionals offers formal education to approximately 7,000 students as well as non-formal training in areas of technological education and Information Systems. However, there are concerns about our schools continued ability to cope with the socio-economic conditions faced by some of our students. ORT Argentinas limited budget is under strain to meet the special needs that many of our students have including free lunches, travel expenses and support to buy educational materials. Despite these difficulties, and the fact that our funding is limited to local contributions and donations through the ORT network, we manage to offer an excellent standard of education. The Ruben Gold Library on Campus Almagro, ORT Argentina In 2007 we are committed to intensifying our existing fund raising campaigns to expand and upgrade our buildings. Money raised in recent years has enabled us to upgrade our infrastructure and so increase our student intake. But the necessity of maintaining a healthy budget has precluded our fully meeting the needs of the community. This has resulted in our having to reject approximately 350 students a year because of the lack of classrooms and workshop space.