Become a part of the Next Generation


World ORT has the pleasure of inviting you to take part in our exciting Next Generation Mission to Israel, in September 2005. Unlike anything you will have experienced before, this will be a journey of discovery, to see that our projects are about more than education – they’re about changing lives. Participants from the first NG Meeting held in Paris 2004 BE… ENTHRALLED by our culture MOVED by our landscape INSPIRED by our students Become part of ORT’s NEXT GENERATION By coming to Israel, we dont just want you to see ORT in action; we want you to experience it. You will have the chance to: Work with our dedicated students who are brightening the lives of young cancer patients in Netanya as part of our Sunflowers project Travel with extraordinary young Israeli volunteers as they drive their van around helping at-risk youth Be dazzled by the talents of our young entrepreneurs as they let you in on the secrets of their success Get an insiders unique perspective from an ORT graduate on the current situation in Israel Engaging with a Military unit: Be taken under the protective wing of the Air force Flight Academy, the Palmachim, the Officers Academy or the Education Corp. Receive a confidential military briefing on the Intifada Be escorted through strategic observation points by an army General Business and Political networking opportunities: Meet the young business people making it in Israel today Visit the Knesset and connect with Ministers Do your own networking This mission will leave you with no doubt that becoming a part of ORTs Next Generation is individually and collectively invaluable.