Benvenuti ORT dell’ Italia


World ORT has just opened a technology centre at the Jewish school in Milan. The only Jewish school in the community apart from the Chabad, the school serves Milan’s Jewish community of 10,000 people. Up until five years ago World ORT was involved with the Jewish school in Milan but for a number of reasons relations had been cut. Under the leadership of Robert Singer, director-general of World ORT, ORT’s presence in Italy was renewed when he visited the school four months ago. ‘When I visited the school I found it to be an important institution which is the main tool that prevents full assimilation and intermarriage within the community,’ he said. ‘We have decided to re-activate our involvement there by opening a big computer centre in the school.’ World ORT Board of Directors member Roberto Jarach who was recently appointed Chairman of the Jewish community in Milan said that he delighted and proud to have created this new link with ORT. World ORT collaborated with Keren Hayesod in opening the computer laboratory that will cater to the 550 students at the school. Mr Singer said that there is potential for ORT to carry out many new projects– two of which include sending 10th-grade students to Israel for five weeks to study Jewish education, Ivrit, Jewish history and heritage at an ORT Israel school along with tours of Jewish interest. The other aim is to integrate ORT’s IT programmes into the school’s curriculum for Jewish education, which would include Navigating the Bible, EnglishSpace, Learning about the Holocaust through Art and Do-IT. As part of ORT’s next collaboration with Milan, the Head of the school’s IT department will be attending the Second Annual Wingate Seminar at World ORT’s offices in London during first week of July, along with representatives from 20 other countries. Chairman of Milan’s Jewish community Roberto Jarach and Mark Mishon of British ORT with Professor Davide Nizza, principal of the school and Keren Heyesod representative Guido Modiano at the new laboratory in Milan More information: Jennifer Rubenstein World ORT 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE