British ORT strategic plan aims for doubling of income


17 June 2009 British ORT strategic plan aims for doubling of income British ORTs new team of lay leaders and professionals have come out fighting with a far-reaching strategic review to make the organisation not only last all 15 rounds of the economic crisis but capable of delivering a knock-out blow to the tough times. The strategy to be presented to the Board of Trustees this month commits British ORT to doubling its fundraising income by 2012. Those behind it consider it to be realistic rather than optimistic. I dont think its too ambitious, said British ORT Chair Simon Alberga, a partner at private equity firm Young Associates. Were talking about doing this by 2012. Were already seeing some early signs of stability in the economy so by 2010-2011 we should be well into the recovery period. Already were on track to exceed our fundraising budget this year so with a fair wind we could hit our target even before 2012. Confidence has been boosted by two successful events over the past week British ORTs Annual Golf Day and the Friends of ORTs Annual Summer Luncheon. Mr Alberga paid tribute to Jacky Simon and Norman Harris for their hard work and professional organisation of the golf day which made it such a successful event and to the Friends of ORT committee which had drawn a capacity crowd to the Landmark Hotel in central London. The events not only raised significant sums towards a rocket-proof science and technology centre at the new Shaar HaNegev High School campus in Israel, they attracted capacity crowds of veteran and new supporters. These events come just three months after British ORTs annual Business Breakfast topped expectations by raising more than 32,000. Judging by the feedback, this weeks events have generated tremendous goodwill which bodes well for continued strong income generation despite what is a challenging philanthropic environment, said British ORT Director of Fundraising Dr Noga Zivan. Dr Zivan said that the committee set up to draft the plan comprising her, Mr Alberga, Treasurer Simon Wagman and Legal Advisor Danny Brower had worked very well together on the strategic review. We all knew what we wanted for British ORT and we all agreed on the priorities so it made the whole process very straightforward, she said. It was a collecting of ideas and discussion of practicalities rather than going back to basics. Reaching out to people new to ORT, working with regional communities, re-launching Young ORT for people in their 30s and 40s, launching a legacy campaign and expanding and developing the annual dinner are all part of the package which should see British ORT climb out of the recession stronger than ever. It is very methodical about how we will build each segment of the organisation, Mr Alberga said. Dr Zivan added: We feel there is a lot of potential for ORT which has not been exploited before and we think the best way to expand is by realising that potential and telling people about the amazing things that we do. Someone who is already well aware of ORTs achievements was the keynote speaker at the Friends of ORT lunch, Sandra Howard. The novelist, former fashion model and wife of former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard told the 120 guests: ORT is doing a fantastic job. It is a very worthwhile charity and it is a great honour for me to be here and to speak to you today. At the event, Dr Zivan provided details of the project British ORT was supporting this year: helping to create a safe environment for the 1,000 students at Shaar HaNegev High School, which has been enduring rocket attacks from nearby Gaza for a decade. The schools life has been badly disrupted, often multiple times in a single day, by rockets incoming from Gaza, she said. British ORT believes that this situation cannot be allowed to continue. Together with the Israeli Department of Education, we have committed to providing the kids of Shaar HaNegev with a new, rocket-proof science and technology centre as part of a complete redevelopment of the schools campus. The new school will provide students with a safe learning environment where lessons can carry on, despite the attacks. But the new centre will do much more than this. It will provide these young people with the sort of education that will not only allow them to do well but will attract new families and new industry into the area.