Cultural enlightenment for ORT Venezuela students


World ORT Press Release 16 June 2001 ORT Venezuela recently held its first Exhibit of Drawing and Painting held in the organisation’s headquarters in Cabimas, Zulia State. The exhibit was a joint effort between ORT Venezuela, PDVSA-CIED and the Margarita Soto Home-Museum Foundation (Funsoto). At the end of February, 224 young people between the ages of 16 and 18, attended art training workshops given by renowned painters from the eastern shore of Lake Maracaibo. The students were able to complement and integrate their industrial training with the exploration, discovery and development of their skills for art and artistic creation. Students from the areas of Maintenance Mechanics, Industrial Electro-Instrumentation, Administrative Assistance, Secretarial Training and Computer Operation took part in the innovative event. They were also given guided tours through the Margarita Soto Museum. ‘We are grateful to the Margarita Soto Foundationfor letting us hold a simple and beautiful presentation indicative of the dedication, quality and great pictorial sensitivity present in the works of these youngsters,’ said Anita Lapco, Director of ORT Venezuela. Gladys de Ar valo, coordinator of the CIED-ORT program in Cabimas said that teaching pupils how to express themselves artistically humanizes technology training. ‘We must teach our young people to discover who they are, what their potential is and how it can be developed,’ Ar valo said. Guidance Counselor Zulay Ortega pointed out the importance of giving adolescents a chance to participate in art activities. ‘It lets them explore unknown facets,’ Ortega said. ‘Often they surprise themselves with what they can do.’ Seventeen-year-old student Keily Chirinos agreed. ‘These are unforgettable experiences that only institutions such as ORT can provide and promote for their apprentices,’ Chirinos said. More information: Jennifer Rubenstein World ORT 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE