Dan Green appointed Director General and CEO


Dan Green has been appointed as World ORT Director General and CEO and has described his hopes for the organization’s future.

His position was confirmed at a Board of Trustees meeting held on Sunday.

Following his appointment Dan Green said: “It is a privilege and an honor to serve as Director General and CEO of World ORT – the largest Jewish education network in the world.

“Our mission today is as relevant as it was 140 years ago when we were established in St Petersburg: providing education to the Jewish people.

“I can vividly remember my first encounter with ORT in 1991 where on my Gap Year in Israel I taught English at the ORT Ronson school in Ashkelon. It was a formative experience for me, seeing that not every student has the same access to resources and technology that I was used to.

“I am proud today that I am leading ORT, the organization that strives to empower those same students with the skills, knowledge and values that will give them the very best opportunities in life.

“I am fortunate to work with a talented and dedicated staff in London and across the globe who all have ORT in their DNA – and together with President Dr Conrad Giles and Robert Singer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, I know we are in extremely safe hands.

“I would like to thank ORT UK’s Simon Alberga and Mark Mishon, who recruited me to ORT UK in 2012 and have supported me ever since.”

Dr Conrad Giles, World ORT President, said: “With this appointment World ORT begins a new and exciting chapter in its continuing commitment to help provide quality education to hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

“The years I have worked with Dan and observed his service as the Chief Operating Officer and most recently as our Acting Director General have convinced me that he possesses all the necessary qualities to lead us as our Director General.

“His vision and his strategic thinking are coupled with extraordinary people skills which will enable him to lead us and expand the impact of World ORT in the global educational community.”

WATCH: Dan Green addresses the World ORT 2020 General Assembly

Dan had been World ORT’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) since 2016, having previously served as CEO of ORT UK from 2012. Before joining the network he worked in consumer media running sales departments of print and digital media outlets including BBC Magazines and the Jewish Chronicle.

Robert Singer, Chair of World ORT’s Board of Trustees, said: “I have known Dan for many years and I have no doubt that he is the right person to lead World ORT at these challenging times.

“The strength of ORT is in its global reach, its 140-year-old reputation and combined know-how of national ORT organizations worldwide.

“Dan’s main challenge will be to take the best from each family member and create many centers of educational know-how that ORT can share with the world.”

Simon Alberga, a World ORT Board member and ORT UK Chair, said: “I am delighted that Dan has been appointed Director General and CEO of World ORT.

“Having recruited Dan into the organization, I had the great pleasure of working with him for four years prior to his appointment as COO of World ORT, and his further progress to the role of CEO comes as no surprise given his leadership and managerial skills.

“Under Dan’s stewardship, I believe World ORT will meet the challenges of this complex and difficult time with wisdom and determination, and I look forward to working with him alongside all of the professional and lay leadership team.”

Dan Green was CEO of ORT UK for four years

At World ORT’s General Assembly in May, Dan had outlined his vision for the organization’s future in an inspiring address.

He told the more than 300 attendees at the virtual session of his pride in ORT’s past and present work and urged all those involved with the organization to “to seize the day with an exciting and dynamic future ahead for all of us” as ORT marks its 140th anniversary.

Commenting today on the organization’s response to the Covid pandemic, Dan said he was particularly proud of ORT’s efforts.

“First the outstanding way our schools and universities across 23 countries moved online so seamlessly and ensured our students’ education was unaffected.

“Secondly, the number of incredible chesed projects we saw from students, looking out for elderly and vulnerable members of our society – it shows we are doing the right thing in terms of developing exceptional individuals. Finally, the response from our supporters around the world, giving so generously to families affected economically and ensuring no student is left behind, that everyone has access to the technology needed for distance learning and financially assisting many schools whose budgets have been impacted.”

He said Covid had given ORT an opportunity to take a fresh look at “who we are today and what we want to achieve”. A major strategic review is under way and focuses on three key areas: the route from education to employment; Jewish values and global citizenship.

Dan’s predecessor, Avi Ganon, submitted his resignation as Director General and CEO in March, stepping down with immediate effect for personal reasons. He had been in the role since September 2017.