Director General and CEO: Statement


Avi Ganon submitted his resignation as Director General and CEO of World ORT on March 19.

Avi had led ORT in the role since September 2017 and stepped down with immediate effect last week for personal reasons.

He had previously worked for ORT in Russia and as CEO of World ORT Kadima Mada in Israel in a career with the organization spanning more than 15 years.

Dan Green, World ORT’s Chief Operating Officer, has taken on the role of Acting Director General and CEO.

Dr Conrad Giles, World ORT President, said: “We are indebted to Avi for his great service. His significant work in strengthening our global network – and ensuring ORT’s presence in Israel through Kadima Mada – will have an enduring legacy.

“I have asked Dan Green to offer the continuity and stability the organisation will need during these unsettling times. Dan has capably filled this role before in 2017 and I have every confidence in him that we will manage this transition smoothly.”

Avi will continue to support ORT as an advisor to Dr Giles.

Dan Green (Photo: John Rifkin)

Dan Green said: “I have been working to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for the organization. In these difficult times, ORT’s valuable work is continuing and our teams around the world are making an exceptional contribution towards our mission’s success.”

As the world responds to the spread of Coronavirus, ORT has reacted by taking the necessary measures to protect our students and staff globally in recent weeks.

Although most of our schools, universities and educational programs have temporarily closed, we are in constant contact with the network, monitoring the needs of staff and students on the ground while building a support program and sharing information and ideas.

Dan Green said: “ORT has taken care of its students for the past 140 years, whether during times of peace or war and whenever and wherever the need has existed. We have adapted and shown our flexibility over decades of change, and we are in the best possible position to do the same again now.”