Educating for life comes full circle in Toronto


01 July 2009 Educating for life comes full circle in Toronto Rose Reisman, one of Canadas leading exponents of healthy living, has been honoured at ORT Toronto’s 35th Annual Golden Circle luncheon. Mrs Reisman, whose cookbooks have sold hundreds of thousands of copies raising more than $1 million for breast cancer research, holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto so knows good education when she sees it. ORT is a remarkable organisation which produces people who are able to depend on themselves, she said. As Albert Einstein said, ORTs activity does not base itself on charity but on self help. By providing vocational education around the world, ORT brings water to the horse, so to speak, and gets it to drink. And, in different ways, both ORT and I educate for life. Left to Right:Carrie Katz – ORT Canada Co-President, Ruth Druxerman – Honourary Chair, Shelley Lederman-Klein – ORT Canada Co-President and Justice Sandra Chapnik – ORT Toronto President –> Mrs Reisman told the sell-out crowd of 220 people at Torontos exclusive Granite Club about her passion for a healthy longevity and educated everyone on healthy eating. The guests then had the opportunity to chew over what they had heard with a delicious three-course meal featuring Mrs Reismans recipes. The events Chair, Sandra Ainsley, paid tribute to Mrs Reismans contribution to its success in raising more than $100,000 notably matching last years pre-recession figure. Rose was the highlight of the luncheon, Ms Ainsley said. From the wonderful meal to her sharing her knowledge of good health and spirit, the audience was enlightened and inspired. As a mother with four children of her own she understands the good work that ORT does and the importance of it being strong. Greetings were sent by The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David Onley, the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, and the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty. Amir Gissin, the Consul General of Israel in Toronto, also sent his greetings. As a leading Jewish education and training organisation, ORT has been instrumental in providing life-enhancing educational opportunities for disadvantaged students around the world and has earned the admiration of the entire community, Mr Gissin wrote. An example of just how life enhancing ORTs activities are is the decision by 14-year-old Lily Chapnik to donate her bat mitzvah money towards buying a computer for a needy Israeli student. ORT directed the money towards Arab teenager Adel Adnaan Hatib, who had been finding it difficult to catch up in his studies following a serious illness. Lily, an accomplished solo clarinettist who has performed internationally, played at the Golden Circle lunch; but it was her proud grandmother, Justice Sandra Chapnik, who mentioned it in her address as ORT Toronto President. Simply giving an underprivileged student access to the technology which most of us take for granted has transformed that boys life, Justice Chapnik said. It has given him the opportunity to catch up with his classmates. On a larger scale, ORT provides high-tech instruction, equipment and classes in nanotechnology, genetics, biotechnology and other subjects which not only helps Israel to nurture a new generation of skilled and motivated workers, researchers and entrepreneurs but also gives opportunities for accomplished careers to thousands of young people in scores of other countries and helps them to maintain their Jewish identity at the same time. Justice Chapnik said that the global financial crisis had exacerbated the needs of many students, needs which ORT would struggle to meet without the generosity of its supporters. So, please, if you are not already a member, join the ORT family, honour a friend or relative, remember someone dear in a tangible way by donating in their name whether it is a computer or a computer laboratory, everything helps to make a real difference in the lives of tens of thousands of ORT students around the world, she said.