Einstein Recording Transcript in English


A live recording of Albert Einstein and George Bernard Shaw historic addresses a dinner at the Londons Savoy Hotel in 1930 has been restored and is featured on a commemorative CD released by the British Library for Einstein Year, which is part of the International Year of Physics a worldwide celebration of physics and its application to mark the centenary of the publication of Einsteins three most famous theories. See below for the English transcript of Einstein’s speech. The Einstein text is: Whoever wishes to keep alive the spirit must also keep alive the body that contains it. The OZE Association serves the body of our people in the literal sense. In Eastern Europe it toils indefatigably to uphold our people out there who are so heavily oppressed economically, while the ORT Association tries to overcome the social and economic deprivation which the Jewish people have suffered ever since the Middle Ages. AS we were not allowed during the Middle Ages to enter the practical professions, we were forced instead into the purely mercantile ones. The Jewish people in the eastern countries can be helped effectively only by the opening up to them of new areas of professional work, which we are fighting for all over the world. This is the major problem with which the ORT is engaged.’ ‘Wer den Geist erhalten will, muss auch den K rper pflegen, an den jener gebunden ist. Die Gesellschaft OZE dient dem K rper unseres Volkes im w rtlichen Sinne. In Osteuropa arbeitet sie unerm dlich an der leiblichen Erhaltung unseres dort konomisch ungemein schwer bedr ckten Volkes, w hrend die Gesellschaft ORT eine soziale und konomische schwere Sch digung zu heben trachtet, an welcher das j dische Volk seit dem Mittelalter krankt. Dadurch, die unmittlebar produktiven Berufe verschlossen wurde, wurden wir in die rein merkantilen Berufe gedr ngt. Dem j dischen Volke kann in den stlichen L ndern nur dadurch wirksam geholfen werden, dass man ihm neue Felder beruflicher Arbeit zug nglich macht, um welche es in der ganzen Welt ringt. Dies ist das schwere Problem, an dem die ORT-Gesellschaft mit grossem Erfolg arbeitet.’ The Bernard Shaw text is: ‘Napoleon and other great men of his type, they were makers of empire, but there is an order of men who get beyond that. They are not makers of empires, but they are makers of universes. And when they have made those universes, their hands are unstained by the blood of any human being on earth. They are very rare. I go back 2500 years and how many of them can I count in that period I can count them on the fingers of my two hands: Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein. And I still have two fingers left vacant.’