Farewell to National Director of ORT Venezuela


16 February 2004 After 11 years of service, World ORT says farewell to Anita Lapco as she leaves her post as National Director of ORT Venezuela and moves to begin a new life in Miami. Eva Polgar has been appointed to succeed Anita Lapco, and will work to ensure that ORT continues to Educate for Life in Venezuela. World ORT wishes Anita every success in her future endeavours and congratulates Eva Polgar on her appointment. In 1996 ORT Venezuela signed an agreement with the countrys oil industry which continues to be successfully implemented, and under Anita Lapcos directorship ORT now administers a number of training programmes for the countrys oil industry. An important honour received by Anita Lapco, on behalf of ORT Venezuela, was an international prize awarded by the Organisation of Iberoamerican States for the Education, Science and Culture (OEI), for ORT Venezuelas Every Enterprise a School programme. The prize was awarded in the category of Innovative Experiences in Education for Labour for the programme, which provides training for middle level oil industry technicians in industrial instrumentation, oil maintenance and administrative assistance. During her term as National Director, Anita Lapco was instrumental in creating and maintaining a wide range of technology related projects and overseeing the running of two training centres. One of ORT Venezuelas many success stories during this period was an unprecedented agreement which Lapco signed with the Mayor of Caracas for ORT to provide IT training to the Caracas police force. ORT Venezuela was also responsible for the installation of computers at nationwide police stations.