Flying visit


World ORT Update 19 July 2001 Students from ORT Kfar Saba and the Onn School for Physically Disabled Children visit IDF Air Force base Disabled students from the Onn School in Tel Aviv, together with a group of students from the ORT Kfar Saba High School, were recently treated to a VIP tour of one of Israel s Air Force bases in the Negev.ORT Israel’s Head Office arranged the visit. Students met with veteran pilots, squadron leaders and senior officers, who explained in detail about the issues involved in learning to be a fighter pilot and the role of the Air Force in the IDF and in ensuring Israel’s security. Students were taken on a private tour of the base and had the opportunity to examine the different types of jets at close quarters. The connection between the Onn and ORT Kfar Saba High Schools was forged earlier in the year when the two groups of students met during the April 2001 ORT Holocaust Study Tour to Poland. ORT Israel invited a group of nine 16-18 year olds from the Onn School to participate in the annual Holocaust mission. All the necessary arrangements were made including special buses suited to handicapped passengers. Students from ORT Kfar Saba assisted their fellow students from Onn ensuring that they were able to participate in all the activities, by helping push their wheelchairs over the rocky pathways when the trails became too difficult for them to maneuver. Close friendships have sprung up between the two groups since the mission and more joint activities are planned for the next school year.