Former US President Bill Clinton honours Doreen Hermelin


20 May 2004 Former US President, Bill Clinton, this week honoured Doreen Hermelin. A distinguished humanitarian, an outstanding advocate for ORT programs and a founding member of the Advisory Board of the David. B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center in Michigan, Mrs. Hermelin is the widow of David Hermelin – a former President of World ORT and the US Ambassador to Norway during the Clinton administration. Robert Singer, Bill Clinton and Judy Menikoff. Renette Berman (left), Elaine Beresh, Penny Blumenstein, Robert Singer, Doreen Hermelin, Judy Menikoff, Linda and Connie Giles. Mrs. Hermelin was honoured at a special event – Visions of Hope – which pays tribute to men and women who have shown commitment to the ORT program and to their communities. Among the more than 500 attendees at the event were World ORT Director General, Robert Singer; National President of Womens American ORT, Judy Menikoff and National Executive Director of Womens American ORT, Ina Green. In his keynote speech Clinton underlined his belief in the power of education. ‘Education, in the end, gives people the capacity to choose. If you have a skill, you can choose to use it. If your skill is thinking, and you can hook your mind and your heart, it’s the most powerful thing on the face of the Earth.’ During the event the state-of-the-art David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center was dedicated. The center, which serves as a technology resource for the communitys Jewish educators, features a CyberpORT caf , the ORTnet Learning Lab and the ORT M2 Studio for multimedia projects. School groups and families find within its walls the opportunity to explore Jewish history and culture in an exciting interactive forum. World ORT is one of the largest non-governmental education and training organisations in the world with past and present activities in over 100 countries. A non-profit, non-political organisation, ORTs objective is to meet the educational and vocational requirements of diverse students throughout the world.