From the Archives: ORT begins work in Ethiopia


This article was written using material from the World ORT Archive. The site provides users with access to thousands of images, documents and other artefacts, giving an insight into ORT’s rich past worldwide. 

Did you know that ORT began working with the Jewish community in Ethiopia in the 1970s?

Our initial projects in the African nation began with the construction of more than 20 schools.

The initiatives provided courses, helped to set up cooperatives or independent cottage industries and created a credit system.

ORT also helped with infrastructure, improved health services and organized cultural and religious activities.

(Main image shows a Hebrew lesson in Benker, Ethiopia, in 1979 [Photo credit: Arthur Leipzig]. More images are available in the archive.)

After the secret missions to airlift Ethiopian Jews to safety and a new life in Israel – Operations Moses (1984-85) and Solomon (1991) – we started to support the Beta Israel community in Israel.

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