Ghana STEM Students Celebrate Graduation


An ORT computer training course for children in Ghana has celebrated its latest cohort of graduates.

As part of their studies, youngsters use online learning programs including Duolingo, Coding for Kids and E-Learning for Kids. They are provided with access to tablets and introduced to graphic design, coding, 3D modelling and other STEM topics.

The program develops their potential through classroom training activities and workshops with professional local women who act as mentors. Former graduates in turn now train new teachers to lead sessions using the expert knowledge they gained through their own participation. This approach ensures sustainability and builds local capacity.

The program is a partnership between World ORT’s International Cooperation department, UNESCO, Anne Frank Fonds, private donors and local organizations. It combines a highly-successful STEM learning center with extra-curricular provisions for young people in the coastal town of Elmina.

More than 500 students have so far graduated, with this week’s ceremony celebrating the seventh group of finishers.

Addressing the graduation ceremony, Celeste Scheib Gonzales, World ORT’s IC Director, said: “Today is truly an exceptional day to honor your accomplishments in STEM education. ORT is so proud to partner with Coconut Grove, UNESCO and Anne Frank Fonds as well as many individual donors in support of your personal growth and pursuit of excellence.

“I encourage you all to live your life with hope and courage. Thank you to our staff and teachers for making a difference in the lives of each and every student here today. Continue your journey and believe in the beauty of your dreams.”

The latest group of graduates

The program advances four UNESCO priorities – education in Africa, gender equality, developing countries and youth.

Graduates of previous years’ training have now formed a group known as RoboCode Ghana, to further promote robotic skills in the country. Instructors have attended STEM conferences in Ghana and joined ORT Day activities.

Mary said her STEM education on the program had provided “numerous benefits. It has enhanced my understanding of the world and the importance of stewardship. It has helped me to develop the ability to analyze problems, visualize solutions and develop innovative ideas that can positively impact society.

“It has opened doors to new opportunities such as providing a foundation for future learning and entrepreneurship. STEM has encouraged me to embrace challenges, learn from failures and develop a growth mindset, essential for success in any field.”