International Next Generation Forum Report 2006


30 March 2006 Marketing, fundraising theme for International Next Generation forum Marketing and fundraising provided the focus for the second World ORT International Next Generation forum, which brought together 27 participants to London from nine countries. The group of budding senior lay leaders came to World ORTs administrative office in London from America, Britain, Russia, Ukraine, France, Mexico, South Africa, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Many of the participants had been part of International Next Generations inaugural mission to Israel last year; but while the mission captured participants hearts, this forum was intended to capture their minds. The list of renowned speakers included Professor Richard Lynch of Middlesex Universitys Business School. Professor Lynch took the forum through the steps of developing strategy for a non-governmental organisation such as ORT. Similarly expert advice and instruction came from Sarah Temerlies, Acting Head of Supporter Marketing at the major childrens charity Barnardos UK, who lead a workshop that provided practical marketing tools that participants could take back to their respective countries. Next Generation Co-Chair Shelley Fagel said she was very happy with the forum. We had outstanding speakers who brought a different perspective to leadership, fundraising, marketing and the branding and projection of our image, Ms Fagel said. Studying the finer points of marketing at the forum. We shared experiences of participants from their various countries such as ORT Frances work to develop an ORT alumni programme. The connection between the participants was amazing, which shows that no matter where we come from we enjoy commonalities, we can enjoy each others cultural differences and are, in fact, strengthened by them. Among the other highlights of the forum were a fundraising workshop lead by Hope Kessler, Executive Director of the recently merged American ORT and Womens American ORT. International renowned speaker Clive Lawton, the Executive Director of Limmud, lead a discussion on the theme Who Am I to be a Leader Ira Goldberg, a management consultant from the Netherlands, was a new face at the forum. It was great that we had people from so many countries, Mr Goldberg said. Members of the European ORT organisations discussed things we could do together that could lead to more cooperative and innovative programming. He said he was so inspired by project ideas presented to the forum by ORT South Africas National Director Michael Sieff that he would share them with his colleagues at the next ORT Netherlands Board meeting. Ms Temerlies noted the professionalism of the International Next Generation Forum. People were sharing learning and getting a lot out of it, she said. People seemed very enthused and very animated. Hopefully they will be able to take some of what we discussed forward into their own work for ORT in their countries. World ORT Lay Leadership Coordinator Gaby Blauer, who organised the forum, said he was proud that International Next Generation now had a core group of more than 25 dedicated young people who are keen to deepen their involvement with ORT. During and after the forum participants were coming to me and asking how they could use their professional experience to the benefit of our students and the execution of our projects, which is a very good sign, Mr Blauer said. The main task now is to find the right ways to involve these young people in their local ORT organisations.