Internet Interview with WO Exec C’tee member Judy Menikoff


18 November 2004 ORTs 125-year history and its work around the world is being featured on the Good News Corporation (GNC) website.The Good News Corporation website carries an 18-minute interview between Judy Menikoff, National President of Womens American ORT and member of the World ORTs Executive Committee and Paul Sladkus. Mr Sladkus founded GNC in 1998 as a non-profit organisation focusing solely on non-violent, life-affirming, educational and multicultural news.In the interview, Ms Menikoff provides an overview of ORTs development from an organisation helping the people of Russias shtetls acquire new agricultural and artisanal skills in the 19th century to a global network of schools and colleges providing cutting edge twenty-first century technical and vocational education and training.Ms Menikoff also refers to ORTs two major fundraising campaigns: to rebuild the ORT Lvovich high school in Netanya and Regeneration 2004, the latest stage in the reassertion of ORTs activities in the Former Soviet Union. Click here to visit the homepage of the GNC website