Investment leads to success in Kiryat Yam


The Israeli city of Kiryat Yam has been awarded a prestigious education award.

World ORT Kadima Mada has been working for the past decade with the municipality to invest in the educational system in Kiryat Yam, and is delighted to congratulate those who have devised, supported and implemented the projects.

Israel’s National Education Award for 2018 was granted to six cities. The award recognises municipal investment in education and the implementation of innovative educational processes to the benefit of the city’s students.

The planetarium in Kiryat Yam (via

It is an acknowledgement of Kiryat Yam’s excellence in its provision of formal and informal education, and its use of modern technologies and pedagogical practices to set up the city’s diverse young population for a successful future.

World ORT has established in Kiryat Yam the following successful programs and projects:

  • The Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Science, Education, Cultural & Sports Campus. Comprising the Science Park, the Dan Kahn Science Center, the Margot and Jozef Rethazy Planetarium Building, the Nate Lipson Ethiopian Heritage Center and quality sporting facilities, the Campus has transformed the city into a modern hub of excellence in education
  • This excellence has been reinforced by the renovation and modernization of the Rodman High School and, currently, the Levinson and Rabin High Schools, as well as the establishment of the YOUniversity Center of Excellence, providing students with an introduction to applied STEM subjects
  • The YOUniversity Center of Excellence is allowing more than 350 students to take part in annual STEM hands-on courses
  • YOUSchool is providing math tutoring program, math lab and learning support center for the students of Kiryat Yam.
  • The Kindergarten Robotics program
  • ORT is now in the process of building an auditorium with an academic wing at Rabin School – it will be a unique area which will benefit the entire community of Kiryat Yam. Both the school and the municipality will be able to hold cultural performances, science seminars, conventions, technological tournaments and a myriad of different events in the versatile venue

Some examples that show the impact of our massive investment in the educational system in Kiryat Yam in partnership with the municipality include: at Levinson High School matriculation rates improved from 65% to 90% in three years; in Rabin High School the number of students who matriculated with five units of math almost doubled in the two years up to 2016, and 25% more students study on the high level English matriculation track.

Science night at the Oceanarium in Kiryat Yam

The dropout prevention program at Kiryat Yam’s high schools has been particularly successful. One Grade 11 student said he now regarded the best time at school to be not during the school day itself, but “rather after school, in the evenings when we sit in the staff room with the teachers, are provided with refreshments and get down to some serious studying – it’s an amazing experience”.

Avi Ganon, World ORT General Director and CEO, said: “World ORT is proud to be a strategic partner of the Kiryat Yam municipality. Since 2016 we are together investing in the local educational system and allowing the students of Kiryat Yam an equal opportunity. This award is a wonderful recognition of these mutual efforts.”

None of the successes that these projects have generated would have been possible without the generous support of ORT donors and the confidence they have shown in the organization to deliver these results.

This work has unleashed the potential of Kiryat Yam’s multi-cultural and multi-talented youth, and has enabled the city and its students to thrive.

As a Grade 12 student said: “Ever since I joined the class two years ago, teams of teachers have helped me succeed in my studies. My graders really did begin to improve through the program and I still can’t believe that I have passed all the Bagrut exams that I have taken so far.”

On behalf of all at Kiryat Yam, we thank donors and supporters for making this award possible and look forward to more success for the city and its students in the years to come.