Jewish school in Peru latest to benefit from World ORT Latin America Campaign


24 July 2008 Jewish school in Peru latest to benefit from World ORT Latin America Campaign World ORTs campaign to support the Jewish communities of Latin America has turned its sights on Peru, with the implementation of ORT Chiles acclaimed Advanced Technology for Science Education (TAVEC) programme at the Leon Pinelo School in Lima. Thanks to money raised through World ORTs campaign together with funds contributed locally ORT Chiles Science Coordinator, Professor Rolando Diaz Delgado, has set up the TAVEC framework at the school, which has nearly 300 primary and secondary students. A state-of-the-art computerised science laboratory has been installed, which will allow teachers to lead their students through demonstrative experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, staff members have been trained how to use the equipment; a further training course scheduled for early next year will fully integrate the equipment and its experimental possibilities into the science curriculum of the school. In the meantime, ORT Chile will evaluate progress and provide assistance to teachers via the Internet. The reception and enthusiasm the teachers showed towards this activity allowed for it to develop under optimal conditions of support and understanding, Professor Diaz said. Biology teacher Sara Villacorta praised Professor Diazs clear explanation in the training. I believe that all the teachers that participated in this activity have been nurtured in the new advancements and uses that technology has to offer to education, Ms Villacorta said. As a result our students will benefit from better activities and so get a better understanding of science through an enhanced learning process. Chemistry teacher Celia Bazan was excited by the potential of computer-linked sensors which automatically read and tabulate experiment results. This new tool will increase students motivation to investigate their surroundings, increase their curiosity to experiment, obtain information and analyse it, increase their curiosity to predict and explain a hypothesis and generally gain a better understanding of the topics being addressed, Ms Bazan said. The goal of World ORTs four-year, $9 million campaign is to support the continents struggling smaller Jewish communities and boost the success of ORTs major operations. Last year, the campaign enabled Panama Citys Isaac Rabin School to benefited from the same input that has just been extended to Lima. This great programme of new projects has the double objective of creating a feeling of unity and connection in the region and to satisfy the specific and individual needs of each community, World ORT Representative in Latin America Isidoro Gorodischer said. World ORT wants to help the small communities to improve education standards, especially to raise the level of science and technology education. Through the TAVEC project, ORT Chile has installed dozens of similar laboratories at public schools throughout Chile with the support of the Coca Cola Foundation. The Chairman of ORT Peru, George Gruenberg, said he was extremely happy that World ORT had returned to the Leon Pinelo School after a hiatus of a quarter of a century. World ORT has enormous knowledge to share with local schools, Mr Gruenberg said. This is the beginning of a lasting relationship between World ORT and Leon Pinelo Im very enthusiastic about the future.