Launch of the new-look ORTnet


Photo: World ORT Director General Robert Singer (left) with His Excellency Tzvi Shtauber the Israeli Ambassador, Lady Hatter and Deputy President of World ORT Sir Maurice Hatter. It was an exceptionally beautiful day in London when hundreds of blue and white balloons bearing the ORT logo and website address were released from the roof of ORT House in London. In a special ceremony on Monday 25 June, the new look of ORTnet was unveiled ORT as leaders and staff looked on. Israeli Ambassador, His Excellency Tzvi Shtauber, who earlier gave a breakfast briefing to ORT leaders and supporters, stayed on to join in with the launch ceremony. Before the balloons were set afloat over London, Michael Shain, Director of World ORT’s IT, made a few remarks. “From ORT’s perspective the ORTnet website is the window through which the rest of the world can find out about ORT’s educational activities around the world, including ORT’s web-based programmes. The new site is highly interactive and easy to navigate, and you can now even make a donation online.”