Learning about the Holocaust through Art


Learning about the Holocaust through Art is a major collaborative project between World ORT and Beit Lohamei Haghetaot (Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum and Study Center), partially funded by the Claims Conference. Available to all via ORTnet on the Internet, this project will have wide educational application, supporting courses in Art History, History and Jewish Studies. It will document a much-neglected Holocaust resource; offer evidence to counter the claims of deniers; and bring together two key Jewish organisations. Both organisations involved have a high profile and much expertise: World ORT has a large international education programme and a lot of experience in developing Internet-based resources. Beit Lohamei Haghetaot have a major collection of art work related to the Holocaust and expertise in Holocaust education. The project is envisaged as a two-phase project: The first phase involves building the core resource – the Internet-based archive with high-quality art reproductions and detailed documentation. This will be available in mid-2001 in English and Hebrew. The Claims Conference have provided US$100,000 towards this project and ORT has committed a further $101,380. The second phase will expand the core archive, translate the resource into Russian and Spanish and initiate educational programmes in schools. $234,400 is required to complete phase two as planned.