Letter from Dr. Conrad Giles


Dear Friends

The past 10 years, first as Deputy President and then seven years as President of World ORT, have been the most exciting and satisfying experience of my journey in Jewish life.

Privileged as I have been to lead an organization whose sacred educational mission met the challenges and opportunities over the past decade, it is difficult to fully describe my feelings as I leave this cherished post.

The opportunity to work with the dedicated and committed professionals of World ORT, coupled with the incredible members of my Board of Trustees and Officers and the many volunteers around the globe, made my task as President wonderfully rewarding.

As I view the incoming leadership I’m confident that the future of World ORT can never be brighter. Having worked with these leaders and knowing the depth of both the continuing and new members of the Board of Trustees, I am certain that World ORT will continue to grow and deliver educational opportunities throughout our growing system of schools.

Over the past 10 years we have strengthened our relationships with our primary donor countries, ORT America, ORT UK, ORT Switzerland and ORT Canada, while partnering in particular with ORT America in leading our fundraising and marketing activities.

Notably, the challenge of the war in Ukraine was met by increased emergency funding from all sectors of our donors. Sadly, this commitment will continue to require vigilance on the part of World ORT.

Finally, after acquiring Kfar Silver, our youth village outside of Ashkelon, we look with great pride on this spectacular development and its ability to meet challenges, increase in size, its many accomplishments and its serving as a safe haven for hundreds of children, including from Ukraine.

Most importantly, this role has enriched me personally, by permitting me to engage with so many people who share our love of Israel and the Jewish people. Am Yisrael Chai.

Best wishes now and for the future,

Dr. Conrad Giles