Moldova Welcomes Refugees from Ukraine


Svetlana Klimina, the Principal at ORT Lyceum B.Z. Herzl school in Kishinev and her colleagues have opened their doors and hearts to those who have fled Ukraine for bordering countries.  She estimates that there are more than 100,000 refugees who have crossed the border and require assistance.

Svetlana has had direct requests for help from ORT schools in Kiev and Odessa. The school has started the process of accepting students from ORT schools in Ukraine so they will not have a gap in their studies. She also is actively working on arranging accommodations in Kishinev, which are severely limited due to the large influx of refugees.

In addition to helping the ORT family, Svetlana has been helping Jewish refugees. She shared the story of 12 religious families of 50 people who arrived by bus from Uman. “We wanted to house them at the school’s sport center but it wasn’t suitable as there were no beds or bedding,” she said. They reached out to the local municipality who helped find places for them to stay.

The students have also raised $900 for Agudat Israel, the local synagogue, which serves as the point of contact for aid to refugees.

“Moldova is a small country and struggling with large numbers of people who have arrived. We are helping by providing food, water, hygiene products and any other needs, said Svetlana.