Montenegro Advocacy Program


The Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training (ORT) is strengthening the capacity of Montenegrin NGOs to conduct effective public policy advocacy initiatives under the three-year USAID-funded Montenegro Advocacy Program (MAP). Through a consortium with Albanian and Hungarian partners and a local partner, ORT is empowering Montenegrin NGOs to identify public policy concerns that resonate with a broad cross section of stakeholders, and is providing them with the capacity to mobilize expertise and resources to tackle these issues effectively. Montenegro Advocacy Program Staff. ORT and its partners are supporting a core group of public-policy oriented NGOs through the provision of customized training, technical assistance and financial grants. In order to ensure that MAP creates a lasting infrastructure to continue providing technical, representational and political support to NGOs beyond program life, ORT and its partners are establishing an Advocacy Resource Center (ARC) in Podgorica which maintains a cadre of trainers with specializations in advocacy and institutional strengthening. ORT will also provide three local NGOs with technical assistance, training and grant support to serve as Regional Advocacy Centers located outside of Podgorica dedicated to NGO development at the regional level. Finance training. Training emphasizes skills required to communicate advocacy objectives to constituents and the broader public; to develop skills conducive to effective collaboration; to mobilize support for their objectives across sectors; and to support and sustain meaningful dialogue with policy-makers. The MAPs training, technical assistance and grants support will leave behind a critical mass of effective, efficient NGOs with concrete advocacy skills and experience. ORT will also draw on its extensive regional experience to promote cross-border cooperation, and recruit regional trainers to share sector expertise and successful advocacy models. Partners: USAID Foundation for the Development of Democratic Rights (FDDR) Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center (ANTTARC) Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid Local partner NGOs