More ORT victims of terror


6 June 2002 The attack on Wednesday 5 June by a Palestinian suicide car bomber killed 17 Israelis on a bus in northern Israel— four of them were part of the ORT family. Adi Dahan, a female student from the student ORT Comprehensive high school in Afula was in the 11th grade. ORT Yad Lvovich graduates Sarial Katz, 21 and Yigal Nevipoor, 22, were both killed in the attack, as well as ORT Gutman graduate Avraham Barzilay who was 19. Director General of World ORT Robert Singer said of the tragic loss: ‘An additional 4 young ORT students/graduates lives were taken during the suicide attack this week. The entire worldwide ORT family is grieving together with the families of the victims and the members of ORT Israel.’