New additions to Moscow ORT Technology College


14 October 2005 Endorsement, enlargement for Moscow ORT Technical College Moscows education authority has effectively recognised ORTs high standards by amalgamating three vocational colleges into the Moscow ORT Technology College. The colleges, which specialise in commercial management, catering and leatherworking and furrier skills, have some 900 students aged between 15 and 20, and bring the total number of students at the new, enlarged ORT college to more than 1,800. Until now, the Moscow ORT Technology College, which opened in 1996, boasted main faculties in fashion design, television design, graphics and photography. Since 2000 it has also hosted the Vocational Training Centre (VTC), which offers courses especially for the Jewish community. The incorporated colleges will retain their campuses in the same district as the Moscow ORT Technology College but will be administered as parts of the ORT college. Dr Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT-Russia Deputy Director, Head of Research and Development, said the amalgamation was an important opportunity for ORT. ORT is introducing flexibility into the Russian educational system with the institution of technical colleges that bridge secondary schools and universities, Dr Gorinskiy said. Its a very positive sign that the education department has chosen our college as a model. This is now an opportunity for us to show the government and the population as a whole how technical colleges can be an alternative to university. Video editing is one of many courses on offer at the Moscow ORT Technology College Work has already started in upgrading standards at the incorporated colleges to ORT levels: computers from the Moscow ORT Technology College are being sent to the new campuses, which until now were not equipped to offer IT training. The staff at the new colleges will also benefit from the training and career development opportunities that we offer our teachers, Dr Gorinskiy said. World ORT Director General Robert Singer said he was delighted at the expansion of the ORT facility. We have already been discussing with the Moscow government the raising of the technical colleges official status so that it can provide bachelor degrees, Mr Singer said. We will now raise the level of the new additions to our network so that we can meet our goal of having a fully fledged academic institution in Moscow by 2008.