New ORT Resource Centre in Michigan


18 December 2003 On December 11th the David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center, in the newly renovated D. Dan and Betty Kahn Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan, was officially opened. The Hermelin ORT Resource Centre will serve as a technology resource for Jewish educators and provide students of all ages with the opportunity to explore Jewish history and culture in an exciting and innovative forum through creative multi-media projects. Trained professionals will provide an individualized, active approach to learning and invigorate Jewish education through hands-on training, technical support, educational technology workshops and software and curricular reviews. Visitors to the Centre will have the opportunity to explore Jewish history and culture in an exciting interactive forum, and ORT’s emphasis on marketable skills will manifest itself in the form of computer-based job skills classes for at-risk members of the community at large. The Centre, which includes the CyberpORT caf , the ORTnet Learning Lab and the ORT M2 Studio for state-of-the-art multimedia projects , is a joint venture by Women’s American ORT, American ORT and ORT Operations USA, in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. The David B. Hermelin ORT resource Centre was named in honour of David B. Hermelin, US Ambassador to Norway from 1997 2000. Mr. Hermelin believed that education is a response to hunger, poverty and preservation of human dignity and as such, dedicated himself to ORT, where he served as President of both World ORT and American ORT. (from left to right): Elaine J. Beresh, Dr. Lee Meier, Doreen Hermelin, Shaindle Braunstein, Ruth Taffel, Robert Singer, Linda Sahn, Patti Aaron, Carol Linch, Judy Menikoff, Michelle Passon (from left to right): Marcie Hermelin Orley and Doreen Hermelin (from left to right): Patti Aaron and Doreen Hermelin