NIS1 million sent to 10 ORT Israel schools


August 15, 2007 World ORT sends NIS 1 million for 10 ORT Israel schools under Israel Emergency Campaign World ORT is transferring nearly NIS 1 million to Israel to buy computers and other equipment for 10 ORT Israel schools. This second instalment of funds under the third and final phase of the Israel Emergency Campaign (IEC) follows a special request from Israels Ministry of Education. In a letter sent today to ORT Israel management, World ORT stated that it was about to transfer NIS 972,869 in light of the start of the coming school year and seeing the good of the students as the first priority. The decision has been taken despite the fact that not all the reports from the first and second phases of the IEC have been submitted and no reports for the first instalment of the phase three funds have been received. World ORT sees the good of Israeli students as its top priority. The money has been divided into budgets ranging from NIS 49,400 to NIS 190,000 per school to buy equipment such as computers, projectors, software, laboratory equipment and furniture, cameras, colour printers, and robotics packages. The schools benefiting from this IEC transfer are: ORT Maalot; ORT Maalot Tarchicha; ORT Darsky; Ulpanit, Yeshiva and BMaale in Tiberius; ORT Beit Shean, Megadim Karmiel, Wadi Salameh, and ORT Alon in Yokneam. Through its Kadima Mada programme, World ORT has been able to install newly purchased equipment in Israeli schools within four weeks. It has, therefore, offered to use the same channels to buy the equipment for the ORT Israel schools in order to speed up the implementation process and release ORT Israel from the need of providing reports.