ORT Argentina upgrades to a Citroen C4


13 January 2010 ORT Argentina upgrades to a Citroen C4 One of the worlds leading car manufacturers, Citroen, has donated a C4 sedan to ORT Argentinas Comprehensive Centre of Design, Art and Technology (DAT). . The sleek, new $25,000 car will shift up by a gear or two the work done by students at ORT Belgrano High Schools unique DAT centre. . Currently, the high school students are using a Citroen 3CV a model which dates back to the early 1960s to explore and implement a full range of design work and modifications. . Their incorporation into the car of, among other things, a central onboard computer and an interactive touch screen multimedia system is so impressive it is to be displayed at this years Buenos Aires International Motor Show. . And it has stimulated Citroen to up its support of the DAT centres work. . Citroen has presented ORT Argentina with a new C4 sedan to enhance high school students practical design and technology projects. We were convinced we had to help, said the Director General of Citroen Argentina, Luis Maria Basavilbaso at a ceremony to hand over the keys of the C4 to ORT Argentina President Dr Hector Rosenzvit. We will continue to visit and to support the development of this project step-by-step because it is very interesting and we believe it is just what our country needs. . ORT Argentina National Director Adrian Moscovich said: We are extremely grateful to Citroen Argentina; this donation deepens the collaboration between the company and the school to the benefit of all. . Mr Basavilbaso was taken on a tour of the DAT facility, which is located in the schoolyard and is fully equipped to enable students to dismantle and reassemble a car and conduct the full range of design work and modifications. . Designer Jose Luis Denari, who has led the Citroen CV3 project since its inception in 2007, said: A project of this type is unprecedented in Argentinas school system; the students are replicating the same patterns of work of the most advanced international design centres. . Participating student Andrew Moritan said everyone involved was very proud of having made this project such a success. . The DAT centres Citroen project is an example of how ORT Argentinas high schools are geared to improving students learning performance according to scientific and technological advances, social demands and students own requirements, said the Principal of the Belgrano campus, Viviana Jasid. . We constantly seek new challenges in order to offer our students the widest possible range of multidisciplinary learning experiences that are developed in real life situations and with the involvement of outstanding professionals, Ms Jasid said. With each new project we increase the motivation of our teachers, our students and their families.’ . The project has proved to be highly popular with students who have expressed their appreciation of how it exposes them to the kind of environment and challenges they might expect in their future careers. . One of the supervising teachers, Professor Dario Solotar, also voiced enthusiasm for the DAT project: Its so rich in substance that it allows many subjects of the Industrial Design track to get involved. . ORT Argentina is Latin Americas largest ORT network with a technical high school on two campuses, and a post-secondary institute of technology. It has more than 7,000 students more than 80 per cent of Jewish children who attend a Jewish high school are educated by ORT.