ORT Brazil student is top of the class


07 March 2008 ORT Brazil student is top of the class Brazilian teenager Fernando Beer Frenkel has thanked ORT for helping him achieve a stunning result in his university entrance exam. The 17-year-old science whiz has just started a five-year undergraduate course in Bioprocess Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, having come fourth out of the thousands of applicants who took the entry exam. I am very happy; but I wasnt surprised by my result, said Fernando. I studied hard and I went to a very good school so I thought I would do well. Bioprocess engineering lies at the frontier of biological and engineering sciences by converting biological materials into forms needed by mankind. Qualified people can be seen working on the production of biofuels, the development of food processing systems and providing a bridge between the research laboratory and the economic, large-scale implementation of biotechnologies. The rapid growth of biologically based technologies means that there is a growing demand for bioprocess engineers. While Fernando can look forward to a strong career, he looks back with gratitude for the education that ORT has provided him. I received a good start in science at ORT. Compared to the other students at university I can see my level especially in laboratory work is higher. I thank ORT for the opportunity it has given me; its been very important to my life. Fernando shone in his biotechnology studies at the ORT Technical High School of Rio de Janeiro, scoring the highest marks each year. He is pictured receiving a prize from ORT Brazil Chairman Armando Klabin for his contribution to a study project while at the school. His aptitude and enthusiasm resulted in his being chosen for World ORTs inaugural Raya Cowan Summer School at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel last year. He was one of 12 international students brought to Israel by World ORT to study alongside six students from schools participating in World ORTs Kadima Mada (Science Journey) programme. The students formed small groups to perform serious research and prepared formal presentations. In addition, they attended lectures by top Weizmann Institute professors on specialist topics such as neurobiology, the thermodynamic foundations of evolution and particle physics. It was a wonderful experience to be in Israel and to be at the Weizmann Institute and use the facilities there and meet the professors. I learned a lot and it helped me to prepare for university, Fernando said. It was also good to meet people my own age who have the same interest in science and research. Fernando was not the only member of his family to do well at the ORT school, said the Director of ORT Brazil, Hugo Malajovich; his brother went on to a successful university career five years ago and two cousins were also studying at the school with good results. The long term relationship with Fernandos family is a very good one, Mr Malajovich said. But it is not unique. All 23 of our graduating students this year passed the tertiary entrance exams and are now studying in the best universities. This 100 per cent success rate is achieved in a highly competitive environment where more than 10 students apply for each university place. We are very proud to say that the ORT Technical High School is now one of the top 10 schools in Rio de Janeiro.