ORT graduates casualties in Israel


World ORT Update 27 August 2001 Staff-Sergeant Kobi Levy, a graduate of ORT Shapira High School in Kfar Saba, was killed during an attack on a military outpost. Doron Suwary , an outstanding graduate of the ORT Harmatz College of Practical Engineering in Giva’at Ram, Jerusalem, was killed in a car ambush while traveling with family on the Modi’in road. Doron graduated with distinction this year from ORT Harmatz College of Practical Engineering. 10 August 2001 Two of the most recent casualties of terrorist activity in Israel this are ORT graduates. Zvika Golombak , 26, a graduate of ORT Horowitz High School in Karmiel, Israel, lost his life in the Sbarro Pizzeria attack on Thursday, August 9, 2001. The attack also wounded 132 people, with many in serious or critical condition. On the same day, Private Dvir Reshef , 19, was hit by two bullets in the head and in the stomach while standing guard at the entrance to his army base. He died of his wounds en route to the hospital. Dvir was a graduate of ORT Beit She’an Religious High School where his mother is a teacher.