ORT re-establishes ties with Spain


At the end of May, the European Council of Jewish Communities held its second General Assembly in Madrid and Toledo, Spain. Approximately 800 Jews from 44 European Countries, including the Former Soviet Union– as well as delegates from North Africa, Israel and the US-met in Spain aiming to link European Jews. Among the participants included at the GA were Mr Robert Singer, Director General of World ORT who addressed delegates at the opening ceremony, and Dr. Gideon Meyer, Deputy Director General of World ORT. The conference included workshops on a variety of topics, including looted art and restitution, social welfare and a plenum session on Jewish education and the Internet– a session in which Dr Gideon Meyer demonstrated ORT I.T. products such as Navigating the Bible and Learning About the Holocaust through Art. While in Spain, Meyer and Singer met with Veronica Lender, head teacher at the Colegio Estrella Toledano, the only Jewish school in Madrid. At the meeting it was agreed that the school is to be affiliated with the ORT network. More information: Jennifer Rubenstein World ORT 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE