ORT Russia Students Benefit from Experience at Leading Tech Company


Students from ORT schools across Russia took part in an internship at one of the leading Russian IT service companies – IBS.

The goals of the internship were to promote the IT industry and to provide the 13 children with practical experience in working in IT project teams and experience interacting with customers.

Prior to this arrangement with ORT Russia, IBS only offered work experience with students at specialized universities.

Schools taking part included Moscow ORT Technology School and Moscow ORT Tekhiya School.

The projects students worked on were based on real-world current tasks and needs of IBS, such as a chatbot for IBS employee training, creating an online catalog to automate a system, and creating a video about the internship.

Program leaders added this final task after seeing the potential of the students and their desire to prove themselves in the management and implementation of a creative project.

Yura Karapetyan, a Moscow ORT Technology School student, said: “It was probably the best two weeks of this summer. We worked hard, from start to finish. I would like to thank the students – the atmosphere was friendly and as relaxed as possible. Everyone was helping each other. We did not know each other before the internship, and I am glad that we were lucky to meet and go through this experience together.

“I would like to thank our ORT school and IBS for believing in us and giving us such an opportunity to find and realize ourselves. This is a truly unique opportunity that is hard to overestimate.”

IBS was so pleased with the quality of the student’s work that the company plans to adapt the results for use in the firm.

The internship was made possible thanks to the ongoing cooperation of the IBS group and ORT Russia.