ORT schools in the Former Soviet Union need your help


The Jews of the Former Soviet Union don’t take their freedom for granted. That’s why 8,000 children choose to study at our network’s 17 schools in the region each year.

But our schools urgently need funds to update their technology and to provide support for students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Please help us provide for the social needs, security and STEM education which distinguish our network.

Without your help our schools’ competitive edge will decline, increasing the risk of assimilation as more Jewish children slip into the convenience of the non-Jewish schools on their doorstep – children like Elizabeth Shapiro.

Elizabeth was lonely and unmotivated at school until she moved to the ORT de Gunzburg Secondary School in St Petersburg:

“Everything changed. I started studying with active and friendly peers. I gained motivation for study and personal development. I improved my academic performance. Through my new friends I joined a Jewish youth group and got the chance to visit Israel.”

Elizabeth met her fiancée at the school and the two of them are starting the New Year in their new home – Jerusalem!

Elizabeth Shapiro (right) with her fiancee. They made aliyah after graduating from ORT de Gunzburg.

“I know that, through the intellectual, behavioral and cultural basis I got at school I will do well in a foreign country. Thanks for these wonderful years spent at the ORT school. Thank you for helping me understand the objectives for my future life!”

Don’t let children like Elizabeth miss out on the life-enhancing warmth and openness of our Jewish education!

ORT’s changed the lives of thousands of young people, building their Jewish identity as well as their skills for success.

Many have gone on to create new lives in Israel and other countries. Others have remained, pursued good careers and strengthened the communities in which they’ve grown.



With your support we can
  • Invest in new technology and curriculum development to keep our science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education at the cutting edge
  • Provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment and ensure that students from underprivileged backgrounds don’t go hungry or cold
  • Deliver an education which is so attractive to ambitious Jewish children that, if necessary, they will commute long distances to access it.
By donating to our schools in the Former Soviet Union you are investing in the future of the Jewish People. Donate now